The Hugh Green Foundation is a charitable trust set up in 1998, with the aim of improving the health and wealth of local communities, inspired by Hugh’s own experiences of poverty during his childhood in Ireland.

Our Values

The values of Compassion, Community, Effectiveness, and Teamwork underpin everything we do at the Hugh Green Foundation. From being action-focussed to collaborating with like-minded organisations to achieve resilient communities, the values are a vital part of how we go about our work and decision making.

Medical research + innovation

The foundation has a proud history in supporting innovative and excellent medical research including collaborations, new technologies and the creation of hubs of excellence in particular medical fields. Areas of focus to date include research into rare and terminal childhood disease, illness and disability, adult brain diseases, mental health, and addiction.

Education equity

Supporting leadership and transformation in low decile schools that are facing challenges is a key area of interest for the foundation. By assisting with the funding of innovative solutions and partnerships with NGO’s and Government the aim is to ensure that all children thrive, despite attending a school which is struggling. This has also extended to supporting educational development to pre-school, particularly in South Auckland.

Health equity

The foundation aims to reduce inequity within the health system by supporting community based/led/owned solutions which offer practical assistance for families/individuals who are suffering through medical and hardship issues. As part of this the foundation looks to incorporate, where possible leading medical research from other grantees so that it can flow down into medical practice at a community level. Examples include health hubs in low income schools offering a variety of health services.

Reducing poverty

The foundation looks to help build capacity in community organisations which are working to assist people and communities out of poverty. Community led/driven initiatives that target reducing stress on families with young children are of interest, as are innovative solutions to increasing availability of affordable housing and increasing community connectedness. To date there’s been particular focus on Takanini in South Auckland where the foundation has existing relationships with the local school and other community groups.