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The Driving Force

Hugh Green was the driving force behind setting up the Hugh Green Foundation.

The Foundation was established in 1998, to be the vehicle for Hugh's charitable giving which started as early as 1968. Hugh had quietly given away a lot of money throughout his life to those less fortunate than himself. The Trust was formed in Hugh's later years to formalise his donation process and to encourage other businesses to do the same.

Hugh's philanthropic nature was largely driven by his experiences of poverty during his childhood. He was the fifth of eight children born in County Donegal Ireland.

Mr Green left school at 12 because of hard times and started droving and dealing in livestock at cattle fairs.

After a short time in Scotland, England and then Australia, Hugh arrived in New Zealand. He was determined, through sheer hard work never to suffer the hardships he had seen his family endure.

Right up until Hugh passed away in July 2012 he was focused on giving financial aid to people and organisations faced with similar challenges.

The Hugh Green Foundation is a member of Philanthropy New Zealand and is a supporter of huge number of local communities, people and charities.

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